August 04, 2014

The Sudden Death of My Pet Cockroach (Week 8)

Once upon a time Hermana Riches and Hermana Batalla were coming home from a long, tiresome day.  All Hermana Riches wanted to do was take a nice, cold shower.  As she went to grab her towel, a new ¨Little¨ friend scurried out from under my clothes.  I was just soo excited that I SCREAMED! hahaha.  unfortunately my pet suffered a sudden death beneath my shoe...Lindsay Riches is roughin´ it everybody!
Mexican otter pops.... mmmm haha

Well because my last post was only 4 days ago, not a whole lot has changed...I´m still doing great, but at the same time I don´t want to ¨sugar coat¨ my updates.  The language is so hard!!  The people here are giving me lots of support and telling that I´m learning it really fast and doing well, but I just feel so helpless haha! I have learned a whole lot about patience.  My companion is such a patient person!  Hermana Batalla is one of the most hardworking, kind, people I know!  She´s always thinking of others before herself, and she really shows genuine concern for everyone she talks to.  Haha we are always laughing about something- whether we´re being verbally attacked by Little chiwawas, jamming to some rap music being played in the Street, getting honked and hollered at by creepy men, or when she´s introducing me to all the mexican slang phrases hahaha I´m a true native now :)  She has been such a great ¨mom¨ here in the mish!
throwin up an E for MONTERREY EAST hahaha

Church here is very similar to home but at the same time very different.  Only about 70 people in attendance in my Ward, and it just has a more relaxed feel.  It's in a nice building, but it makes me really appreciate the structure of the wards back home and the resources we have!  First sunday of the month, for those of you who aren´t Mormon haha, everyone has the opportunity to go up and express what they are grateful for, and the things they know to be true (testimony).  Yesterday about 4 teenagers in my Ward got up and it was really great to see the strength that they have-- honestly these kids are some of the strongest, most active members in this Ward.  All of them expressed their excitement for their future opportunities to serve missions, and it's just so cool to be able to take them out teaching with us! For you all back home-- the missionaries LOVE it when members go and teach with them!  All you members back home should teach lessons with the missionaries :) I wish I had done that before I left.  Anyways, The Ward needs more numbers and committed people who continue to go to church.  Nonetheless, the members are really so great and take the missionaries in as their own children!
What I´ve realized here though is the importance of ¨planting seeds¨ and always remembering that your efforts are important!  We are teaching one 17 year old boy who´s whole family got baptized 3 years ago except for him, and now he finally has a desire to be baptized.  We are just lucky to be the missionaries who are here teaching him at the right time!  3 years ago, missionaries planted the seed into Patricio's heart, and now we are the missionaries who are preparing him for baptism.  Many of our investigators who aren´t interested now I know will have a desire later on in the future!
mastering my accent ;)
Bit of advice for today:  Whenever you make a decisión, make a pros and cons list of that decisión and continue to refer to the reasons why you made that decisión.  When days are long and the work is hard, it really helps me to look back at the list I made of why I´m on a misión.  it really helps me and reminds me that I really love what i´m doing and that I´m supposed to be here!  When you are faced with a challenge in life-- stay persistent.  WE CAN DO HARD THINGS :)
Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!  You can also write me letters through DEARELDER.COM :)  or my contact info is on my blog for handwritten letters! I wanna be updated on all of your lives back home! This week we have lots of great lessons planned with great people-- so I will have lots of teaching stories for next week!

c o n  a m o r
hermana riches

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