November 30, 2015


  Mi hermanita Grecia yesterday at her baptism

Well it is official:  in one week, 7 days, i will be able to hug my dear parents, give them an hermana riches tour of la cultura mexicana, and head home to start the post-mish chapter of my life.  I am just filled with so much happiness and excitement, and I know that reuniting with all of you will be one of the biggest joys I have ever experienced in my whole life!!!!!!!!!! Distance makes the love grow stronger <3 wow i am just so excited hahah but more than anything i just wanna give it my all this week and talk to everyyyy single person that crosses my path.  and to make it even better, we are officially in christmas season.  Next week for my last post i am going to highlight more in detail how these 18 months have changed my life, but right now i wanna talk about the fabulous sunday we had yesterday.
  we have fun in this ward

It all started with a phone call at 9:40am sunday morning- we were walking into the chapel, and i recieved the news that I would be giving a talk that morning in sacrament meeting on whatever topic i wanted.  Normally I don't get too nervous or stressed talking / teaching because that is what you do 24 / 7 as a missionary, but i actually was pretty nervous!  not for the spanish because i got that down ;) but more than anything, i had to think about how i wanted to capture all my mission experience into just 10 minutes-- with only 15 minutes to prepare the whole thing.  Let me tell you, the spirit totally guided my words and it was awesome!  It also helped me figure out what i want to say to you all in my talk when i come home :)  talks: Dec 20 in english and Dec 27 in spanish!! hope you all can come!!  I talked about the joy i have been able to experience as a missionary as i have viewed the world through Christ's eyes and as i have developed a stronger testimony of His atonement.  I don't wanna give too many details because you all will have to wait for my talk :) warning:  it is going to be so weird for me to give a talk in english haha!
  Grecia's fam

Grecia's baptism was perfect!  She was so excited and nervous and she invited about 10 family members which was so awesome.  They all had tears as they felt the peace during this baptismal service.  Us and the young women sang "Hija de un Rey" "Daughter of a King" which was so gorgeous!  Grecia got to say a few words at the end, and she told her story of how it all started with her interest of downloading el libro de mormon on her tablet.  She knew nothing about our church, but saw it as good literature to read.  She read it for about a month and on October 30 prayed to God wanting to find the missionaries so she could go to church.  Literally on Oct 31 we walk down her street, rocking our pumpkinlight up necklaces haha, and she hollers to us QUIERO IR A SU IGLESIA....I WANT TO GO TO YOUR CHURCH..... She went to church the next day, and 5 sundays later she got baptized.  Pure miracle.  And on halloween we happened to be fasting to find new investigadores!  Wow the Lord really directed us to her.  She is such an inspiration to everyone.  She absolutely loves the story of Joseph Smith, and has totally integrated herself with all the young women and its just amazing that her prayer with faith changed her life in such a drastic way. 

This church is true, and I feel so blessed to have this knowledge in my life.  

Us missionaries also got to teach half the primary which was interesting hahaha 

After the baptismal service we all went to her grandma's house to celebrate her birthday!  It was so fun to gather all together-- Grecia is our litter hermanita <3

Well the weather is cold.  I am just moving forward with strength as i ignore all the aches in my body haha and just keeping my mind focused until the end!  It's also starting to hit me that I probably will never be able to eat tortillas, rice, or beans EVER again after the mission.... hahah  also you have no idea how ready i am to break this "18 month fast" of not eating baked goods-- mom get the kitchen ready :)  

This sunday I have my "going home" interview with Pres Bird at 4:30pm....prettty sure i'm the last missionary to be interviewed!  

California....we will soon be reunited.
Love you all more than you knowwww!! I am beyond grateful for all the letters and support i have recieved here in mexico. 

 Until next monday <3

hermana riches

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