November 24, 2015

Week 76: The Final Stretch

 more pics from womens conference
  trip to the center of Monterrey last week


Well another week has passed.  As Jordan's last email said-- IT'S OFFICIALLY THE FINAL STRETCH.  I'm kind of speechless.  I don't know how to put into words how i feel.  I can't wrap my head around the fact that i come home so soon :)  Nevertheless, the work continues to move forward.  

  us with Grecia and a 15 year old in our ward, Samantha

Yesterday Grecia, 14 years old, passed her baptismal interview and this sundayshe will be baptized.  She is a straight up miracle!  And it has been such a smooth ride up until this point. Her mom works all the time, but we met with her to really explain what we have been teaching her daughter and how she wants to be baptized, and she is totally supportive!  She is a catholic bible teacher and yet she is very happy with Grecia's decision to really follow Jesus Christ.  Usually when we teach teenagers it is hard getting the full approval from the parents, but Grecia honestly has all the family support.  She amazes me- she goes all by herself to church and truly took iniciative to find out more about our church and make these changes in her life.  Sunday should be a great day!
Alma Herrada

 La Familia Herrada, my favorite family.  What can i say....this family when we first met them:  the parents had started their own church congregation in another state, give their neighbors bible studies, hardcore Jesus followers, and didn't want to even touch El Libro de Mormon.  Now:  the mom and her 3 kids absolutely love going to church, have recieved almost every lesson, and the biggest miracle of all, literally defend El Libro de Mormon and bear testimony that it is changing their lives.  WIth tears in her eyes, Alma tells us how much of a blessing we have been in her life and how she never thought she could grow to love another book of scripture other than the bible.  However, every fairytale has its villain.  Our hopes and faith came crashing down this week when the husband literally told us that he doesnt want his family getting baptized.  He really can't accept Jose Smith or El Libro de Mormon.  We had a 2 hour heated discussion with the 5 members of this family and a member who came to accompany us, and it was super sad watching the 3 kids and wife all protesting against the husband's point of view, and it's just hard because they have progressed so much and he just has his blinders up.  Not to mention, literally half the ward has helped us out with this family haha!  Oh man, but the plus side is that he still is super friendly to us, lets us come, and lets his fam attend church.  Change is just scary for him.  Although I won't see this family get baptized, I know without a doubt that day will come, and that I will make sure to return to Monterrey when they enter the temple to be sealed as an eternal family.  As a missionary, i have had to accept lots of times that I am the one PLANTING the seeds, and that I won't be able to see ALL the fruits of my labors.

  the blondies reunited

the weather continues to be bipolar-- the winter is arriving AKA sweatpants-under-the-skirt weather.  

I will be thinking of you all this thursday enjoying your turkey and pumpkin pie </3 I told a woman in my ward about our custom of eating pumpkin pie and she told me she is going to search for a recipe on the internet and try and make it hahaha we will see how this turns out!  LOVE YOU ALL SEE YOU SOON!!!

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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