August 23, 2015

Week 62: A few Bumps in the Road

Buenas tardes!!  I am sitting here sipping fresh lemon, orange, pineapple, cucumber juice picturing Becca on her first day of 10th grade and Jordan moving out to Provo next week to start the best year of his life at BYU.....How is time moving so fast???!!!  This week was filled with emotions.   Highs and lows.  On Tuesday we had personal interviews with Pres. Bird that we have about every 2 months, and it was a nice opportunity to just openly discuss how I am doing.  I really look up to Pres Bird, and he has taught me principles that I will apply for the rest of my life.  It kind of hit me hard when he asked me.... you have about 3 months left right?.... haha and then he started to talk about how I need to be thinking about what classes I wanna take back at school, etc.  16 WEEKS UNTIL I AM HOME :)  This week I got to go work with 2 hermanas in 2 diff areas....Learning from them and gaining new experiences.  It's interesting how every area is so different-- and I just feel even more confident that I am working in my area for a specific, special reason.  haha It's so great making friendships with new hermanas-- I worked with an americana that has little time here, and i had the honor of calling the mission doctor and explaining to him in spanish her diarea problems-- life as an hermana is oh so glamorous.  On Firday i went back to my "birth" area Sada Vidrio, and saw all of my dear friends again.  As I walked the old streets, spent the night in my old apartment, and met with all the people I have grown to love, all of the memories replayed in my mind and I came to the realization that I really have grown and changed a lot since my first area.  I feel like I am a whole new missionary.  As much as I love and miss my first area, I am grateful for all the progress I have experienced in Miguel Aleman and America.

Hna Espinosa and I love to think outside of the box.  A lot of times people assume missionary work is just teaching lessons all day long, but we think of creative activities to find new people and get the church members involved....such as SUMMER CAROLING.  Saturday we decided to get together with 10 members and visit 7 less active families singing "La Familia es de Dios" "The family is of God"..... and giving them cupcakes.  It was a hit.  The best part was that our new bishop and his wife went with us, getting to know the families and personally inviting them to return back to church.  You could feel such a warmth in every home we visited, and we are truly seeing the fruits of teamwork as we work with the ward.  Missionary work isn't just something young adults with black nametags do all over the world-- it is missionaries working as a team with church members in the ward to help spread this message of joy to everyone and to help rescue those who are falling.  The Bishop is super happy with us and our efforts to unite the ward, and I feel so loved recieving so much help from the members.  They all want to go out and teach with us, and the youth express how these missionary opportunities have changed their lives.  My area America surely is AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL haha :)

There have been quite a few ranges of emotions this week-- Marcelina did not get baptized because she is still having smoking problems.  Smoking is the only thing keeping Marcelina and Jose Guadalupe from getting baptized and it's a bit frustrating when you put all of your energies and forces to help them, and it's still not sufficient.  So please pray for them!!!!  It kills me watching them be under the control of this addiction, but they have the faith that Christ can help them.  Yaretzi also randomly just left out of town so we are just hoping with all our hearts that she returns in time for her baptism this sunday.  Lots of stress with investigadores and the challenges Satan is throwing at them but at the same time we are seeing lots of miracles :)

There are also so many lice outbreaks!!  I am protecting my hair at every moment haah.  Also, last night someone stole our crappy cell phone in a park!  So yea,  life is just a bit hectic at the moment haha.  

This week we also taught Jose Guadalupe, a 40 year old man, the law of chastity, which is the commandment we have to save intimate relations until marriage, and it was quite the scene having two 20 year old women and a 15 year old young girl teach a 40 year old man what he can and cannot do hahah.  You gotta create an atmosphere of laughter when it's easy to feel awkward.  

On a good note, yesterday Jorge blessed the sacrament for the first time!!! He is a golden convert.
  Jorge cooked us delicious pork for lunch

I want to end by just expressing how much I have grown in my ability to pray and read the scriptures to search for answers.  I love that as missionaries we teach people HOW to find what is true through prayer and scriptures, not just "convincing them that these things are true".  I invite you all to be like the prophet Nephi in the Book of Mormon that depends on the Lord continually.

and I Nephi did go into the mount oft, and I did pray oft unto the Lord; wherefore the Lord showed unto me great things  1 nephi 18:3
My ladies

C O N  A M O R

hermana riches

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