August 30, 2015

Week 63: Miracles Happen

This week must have been one of the most craziest, stressful, miraculous weeks i have had in monterrey!!  Wow- my mission life should be a reality TV show.  This week's experiences also confirmed in my heart that God is in control of everything and that this is HIS work.  And that missionary work is only possible if you put your trust in Him.

So- Once upon a time our sweet investigadora Yarethzi decided to randomly go out of town 2 weeks before her baptismal date.  She wasn't answering any of our phone calls, and we feared that this vacation with her super catholic aunt would change everything.  On Wednesday we recieved a surprise phone call from Yarethzi telling us that she wanted to be baptized on sunday!  And it was miraculous because we got a new phone number this week and we don't know HOW she got a hold of our new number.  On thursday we put her baptismal program together, but on friday night we recieved the news that Yarethzi's mom wasn't in agreement, and we tried calling Yarethzi and she wasn't answering.  Saturday we were waiting all day for her phone call because she needed to have her baptismal interview, and when she didn't return any of our calls our hearts just sank because we knew she couldn't get baptized on sundaywithout the interview.  Sunday morning sure enough she calls us, saying she wanted to be baptized and that she'd invited a ton of people, and so we had to call Presidente Bird to get special permission for her to have the interview and baptism on the same day-- sure enough he let it pass, and Yarethzi was happily baptized yesterday at 7pm!!!!

Hopefully you all enjoyed my mini rundown of events haha but honestly I have never prayed so hard and so often!!  It is a miracle Yarethzi got haptized and she is one of the strongest 14 year olds I have come across, willing to make these changes in her life.  What made this event even more special was watching her father Jorge, baptized a month ago, baptize her and shed tears of joy seeing his daughter make this decision to follow Christ.  The baptism attendance was bigger than our normal church attendance haha all the youth conference leaders from other wards came to support her!!  Yarethzi 3 months ago was someone devoted to attending catholic mass and teaching little kids a bible class each saturday morning, and now she has truly come closer to her Savior and as she puts it-- "filled the emptiness she felt in her heart".  She has so many church youth friends now, and she is already a missionary sharing with others the happiness she has found in her life.  I love her-- and it has been an honor watching her change and become a happier teenager  My favorite scripture perfectly explains how i feel at this moment:

I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it.  I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance, and this is my joy" ALMA 29:9

I am seriously filed with so much joy! My mouth hurts from smiling so much.  The friendships I have made here have changed my life.  The love is mutual between the members/ investigadores and me, and they daily express to hna espinosa and I how we have greatly changed and impacted their lives.  But honestly they have done more for me than I can express.  We are just on cloud 9 with the ward and all that is happening in our area.  Last year this area was "dead", and now it's progressing more rapidly than we can handle haha!

This weekend our stake held a "mini mission" activity and we had a youth spend 24 hours with us to catch a glimpse of missionary life.  We had a great time with Hna Davila-- It's safe to say her legs and feet were super sore sundaymorning haha!

 our zone activity today with water balloons

Yesterday I had the absolute best homemade guacamole-- along with yours mamariches-- and i can't wait to make it for yall at home :) I also have mastered the art of making homemade natural juices-- watermelon/ celery, cucumber/ celery, cantaloupe  mango, guava, will be impressed friends and family :)
             Yarethzi's little bro-- prepping for his baptism!
The heat is dying down and the cockroaches are still found daily in our kitchen.  But i love it here and we possibly may have el bautismo del hno Jose Guadalupe this sunday!!! love you all-- les amo mucho.
  with the hermanas in my zone

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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