August 10, 2015

Week 61: The Little Things

Only in Mexico would our mission presidente order a taco truck to come and give us all "campechanas"during our leadership council

This week was jammed pack with experiences.  I am thankful for my typing classes in the 7th grade with Mr. Ribaudo that have helped me to be a faster typer so I can somewhat share most of my experiences with you all!  Lots of little things made this week a good week:

-Recieving a handwritten letter from Owen and Grayson!!! love you guys
Thursday morning Hna Bird....President's wife.... calling me from the hair salon and asking me how to say "thick blonde highlights" in spanish....we are truly california sistas
- Our recent convert Jorge recieved the priesthood yesterday!  He is progressing so well and is excited to baptize his daughter yaretzi in 2 weeks
- mi "hija" hermana flores got called as a trainer this week!  so proud of her <3 
-Citlali, a 15 year old who goes out and teaches with us, wrote us a beautiful handwritten letter how we have changed her life, helped her find more happiness and strength in this gospel
- Of course the taco truck arriving at the leadership council
- Marcelina, scheduled to be baptized this sunday, finished the whole book of mormon!
- Yaretzhi attending a youth conference that allowed her to make lots of new friends and be even more excited to be baptized
- mamariches sending me ghiradelli chocolate
- coming across an apartment complex filled with koreans- i tried speaking to a man and he knows zero spanish and only a tad of english..... we already told the mission offices that we want books of mormon in korean haha and we are seriously going to help Jungalo-Ming get baptized!!
- yesterday we took 3 investigadores to a baptism in another ward, and they are even more excited and anxious to dress in white and be baptized as well.

and lots more.  But really time is flying and I am grateful for these moments I have everyday that make me smile and appreciate these 18 months I am dedicating here in Mexico.

Every first thursday of the month we have a leadership council, us 6 hna leaders, 20 zone leaders, presidente and hna bird, and it is 8 hours of pure planning, discussing how we can keep progressing as a mission, and how we can help the rest of the missionaries reach their potential.  Presidente had hna espinosa and I instruct for about 20 on DILIGENCIA HASTA EL FIN....diligence until the end.... and yes dad all of our councils / meetings / conferences are in spanish!  I always learn so much through preparing for these presentations we have to give.  Presidente Bird is happy with us because our mission really is working even harder now than in times before, and our numbers continue to increase with these little goals and plans we make.  We talked about just giving it all you got these 18 months or 2 years-- a quote i love by the prophet goes like this (I only have it in spanish so here it is translated in english haha)

To dream in the past and to wish for the future might bring comfort, but it won't take the place of living in the present.  Today is the day of our opportunity, and should take advantage of it. - Pres Thomas S. Monson

I literally know all the scriptures and church quotes better in spanish than in english ha!
The hardest part of our week was learning that Jose Guadalupe is still smoking and can't get baptized quite yet.  He is sad because he has the strongest desire, but he knows he has to trust in the Lord more and battle this weakness of his.  I love working with people everyday, helping them turn their weaknesses into opportunities to come closer to God.  But man these people have such strong trials.  Literally every person we have progressing and wanting to be baptized, the strongest trials come into their lives because the Adversary just doesn't want them to progress.  Violence in the family, sicknesses, financial problems..... you name whatever trial and i can say that our investigadores have experienced it.  I have learned a lot in the mission about the power of Satan.  But I know that God is all powerful and that these experiences are just trials of their faith, and afterwards come the miracles and joy.
High light of the week was giving Pres Bird a "Warriors championship" he is the full out Lakers fan.  He took my gift, went directly into his office, and pulled out his Lakers Jersey waving it in the air, showing pride for his team hahaha.

Tomorrow we have interviews with Presidente Bird and I have 2 intercambios this week where i will go to other areas working with other hermanas!  I am happy, safe, healthy, sunburnt, and tired haha but life is great!  Love you all-- thank you for all your many emails and prayers.
 a woman in my ward sells the cutest skirts- it feels nice updating my wardrobe

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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