August 10, 2015

Week 60: A Sigh of Relief

  we definitely coordinated pink with the elders
Pues ya estamos en Agosto.  This summer is just flying by and today is the beginning of a new transfer.  I am filled with joy because I will be staying here in America for 6 more weeks!!!  I just have 3 transfers left.  18 weeks Until i get to hug my family :)))))

This week we didn't have intercambios so I got to spend everyday with my companion hna espinosa, seeing miracles left and right.  On wednesday we traveled back to her old area in Juarez for a baptism of a 14 year old girl she was teaching, so it was a fun adventure driving out an hour and seeing new landscape.  We brought a 15 year old investigadora with us and it made her want to get baptized even more.
The mission has taught me how to be mentally and physically strong.  There are times when I am just completely amazed that I am able to listen to all these people's difficulties and still be upbeat and positive, and that my body is able to keep going through exhaustion and the sun beating down on us all day long.  Saturday we began our 24 hour fast-- where we don't consume water or food to be "spiritually strengthened" and it was pretty brutal as we walk all day long and couldn't drink water.  But the reason why we were fasting kept us mentally and physically strong.  Marcelina and Jose Guadalupe are scheduled to be baptized august 16, and we fasted so that they can be strong during these trials that are ocurring before their baptisms.  It's crazy how powerful the adversary tries to be against people that are making changes in their lives to grow closer to God.  But we are already seeing results of this fast.  Both Marcelina and Jose Guadalupe have smoking problems, and neither one has smoked these last 2 weeks!  Through every person I teach I truly recognize how powerful and life changing Christ's atonement is-- how the sacrifice of Jesus Christ allows people to start over, recieve forgiveness, and the strength to overcome obstacles.
  every missionary's gotta have a hot pink skirt
Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Every first sunday of the month anyone can participate in the first hour of church and share their testimonies/ beliefs of what they know to be true.  It's my favorite sunday because i am strengthened by hearing the experiences these church members have had.  Marcelina sat next to us and tears rolled down her cheeks as she listened to 15 year olds share their testimonies that Jesus Christ lives and that this is his church on earth.  Our investigadora, Yaretzi, 14 years old, got up and shared a beautiful testimony of how she has felt this emptiness in her life be filled by this gospel, how el libro de mormon is the word of God and provides her with peace and guidance, and how excited she is for her dad, Jorge who got baptized 2 weeks ago, to baptize her august 23.  I can't deny HOW many changes and miracles i have seen in people as they accept this gospel.  Yesterday i also got to teach primary and young womens which was fun haha, and then we got to hear a few words from an area 70  that came to visit the ward-- out of ALL the wards in the mission, Pres Bird sent this area 70 to America because he told him how much it is progressing!!  

It was also Elder Aguila's last sunday as a missionary-- we ate at Estefania's house after church and had a little par-tay.  Us 5 are all such good friends, and it's sad saying by to Elder Aguila!  But I know we will all reunite in the near future.  Mom- the ties you picked out for him are absolutely perfect!!! he said they are some of the best looking ties he has seen haha i simply said that mamariches knows all ;)  Elder Aguila is truly one of the best missionaries I have seen.  We will find out tomorrow who the new assistant is and new member of the crew here in America!

Well everyday I just know more and more that this gospel i am sharing with others is true.  Yesterday my companion felt super sick, and so she asked an hermano to give her a priesthood blessing, and literally 10 minutes later her sickness completely disappeared and we could go out and work.  The church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints is Christ's true church on earth today, and I know that worthy men in this church that have recieved the priesthood can act in the name of God and give us blessings when we need them.  I feel honored everyday, sharing with others this marvelous plan God has given us-- where we come from, why we are here on earth, and what happens after this life-- i have gained a whole new perspective about the importance of this life and the love God has for us, how straight and narrow this path is that leads to eternal life, and how Jesus Christ lives and is actively helping those in need.
we had to....... hahaha

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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