May 30, 2015

Week 50: Expect the Unexpected



Expect the unexpected.  Wow this week was pure exhaustion.  These 7 days felt like one long dream.  First, I''ll give you all a little run down on my little area here ämerica".  It's one of the top "nicest, wealthiest"areas in the mish, pretty small ward with not a ton of youth. Once again, I am the ward pianist haha i really wanna teach some members here how to play the piano!  We have a giant grocery store that sells legit DIET COKE...from the i am happy.  there's subway, carls junior, pizza hut--- this week i had my FIRST salad in a member's home after a YEAR...highlight for sure hahaha.  I now understand why this area is called ämerica".  It's pretty tranquilo here...not a whole lot of karaoke seshes or loud parties in the street haha.  This area is very low in baptisms so we have lots of work to do.  I'm so close to Miguel Aleman and Sada Vidrio that I have already seen familiar faces and friends that I havn't seen for months!

Life alongside the assistants is pretty great-- now when i see "los asistentes" calling us on our phone i know it is because they wanna know where we are eating the following day and not because I have "done something wrong and need an interview with presidente" hahah.  This week i had my first 2 intercambios as an hermana lider-- i got to go work with HERMANA FLORES AGAIN WOOHOO!!!! and 2 of our investigadores are getting baptized this sundayso i will get to go to miguel aleman for that!  and i also worked with hermana alonzo..... i love switching companions 2 times each week!  i am learning so much and really getting familiar with the map of my area without the help of my companion, hermana guillen hahah.
  our intercambioThis week has been insane as a companionship has moved in with us.  They had apartment issues so have been camping over here until they find another house to rent-- having 4 hermanas in one house results in clothes, food, and study materials all over the place, in addition to serious lack of sleep and limited opportunities to get a 5 minute shower in.  I have had a nonstop headache i am sooo tired--- but it definitely has been a constant slumber party.
SO many amazing experiences this week.  First off:  funny story.  One day during lunch i was asked by an 11 year old, Denise, if I preferred One Direction or Justin Bieber-- obviously there was no debate in my mind when i replied "justin bieber"  the next day Denise stops by the house at night and hands me a justin bieber coloring book and a handmade magazine cut out booklet that says "hermana riches + hermano bieber".  I have already colored a pic of justin bieber for an hermana who got "dear jane-d" by her boyfriend-- it's been put to good use.  A true friendship has been formed here in America with Denise.
La Familia Lara-- an elderly man and his daughter about 50 years old are both handicapped in wheel chairs with serious health problems.  Nevertheless, they are some of the smartest people regarding church topics i have ever met.  They spend all day inside, reading their scriptures, hymn books, and every church book you can think of.  The fact that they can barely move their hands doesn't limit them.  Last sunday morning hermana guillen felt the impression to visit them before church.  We arrived and found Nina the daughter laying in bed, wanting to go to church.  Normally her brother comes to change her and get her ready, but he had not come.  So we were invited to face the task of dressing her, feeding her, and getting her ready to go in her wheel chair.  At this point, we were pushed for time as we had to pass for 5 investigadores to take them to church, and we knew we weren't going to be able to make it.  But We had to help Nina.  It was an unforgettable experience- a little disturbing and sad i might add-- as it was a first time experience changing an adult diaper, feeding her by band, and lifting her inactive body into the wheel chair.  Pushing her along the street to church, we arrived seeing all 5 of our investigadores in the church entrance.  I knew that our prayers had been answered, and that "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God" Mosiah 2:17
Our apartment
We met for the first time an inactive 25 year old girl-- Nayeli-- who has serioussss problems-- drug addict, had her first child at 14 years old, and in n out of rehab-- and this week i had one of the most powerful experiences.  I shared a few scriptures with her...alma 36:3, 16-21.... and she was left speechless, feeling an undeniable peace in her heart.  Afterwards she offered a prayer, pleading to God to forgive her of all the mistakes she has made, just balling.  It was truly a sight witnessing somone's desire to change.  Yesterday she went to church with us for the first time in years.  Her dark countenance has transformed into a glow.
Yesterday the elderes had a baptism-- 19 years old Estefania.  Such a cool girl.  I had the opportunity to give a little message on the holy ghost at her baptism, and us 4 missionaries sang I'm Trying to Be LIke Jesus.  Her parents both died within the last 5 years, and i know that she will one day see and live with them again.  She said that her life has been changed from reading El Libro de Mormon...I truly know it changes lives.
One last high light:  We are teaching a couple who are your "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes" of monterrey.  They literally pull up to church in his full out motorcycle, leather outfits with spikes and all.  It was quite the sight sitting up at the piano and looking down at them in the congregation wearing their aviators and leather gloves.

this church is true.

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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