May 17, 2015

Week 48: What Would We Do Without Technology....

can I just begin by saying how grateful I am for technology.....yesterday I had the privilege to SKYPE A LA FAMILIA!!! my last skype call as a missionary.  I will give you all the rundown how it went.  First off-- I didn't cry into my hands the moment I saw my family like at Christmas haha :)  The first few comments from mom, dad, jordan, and becca were the following:  ÿou look so great honey!  You just glow linz! (probably due to the large amount of sweat running down my face...)  you have a weird accent, and look at our new dog!!  I felt like i was sitting right there with you guys-- laughing our heads off and getting caught up on all that's happening at home-- BECCA TURNING 15 THIS WEEK **cue TSwift**, Jordan asking Leah to prom with legit fireworks, and mom and dad caring for their "newborn" Sadie.  Words don't describe how much I miss you guys.  Dad was even throwing around some spanish with la familia ramirez ;)  but yes, i'm doing great here-- happy, sunburnt, and living life to the fullest with my homies here in monterrey.  I'll be able to hug you all in 7 short months :)
I'll miss this ward
Well-- the news has come in.  My 12 short weeks here with hermana flores in miguel aleman have come to an end.  I'm being TRANSFERRED and tomorrow I'm getting my new compañera  and new area.  I have to say I'm pretty bummed.  We have seen so much progress here, and now I have to leave these dear people that have changed my life.  Yesterday we had 8 investigadores at church, and 3 less actives come for the first time in a while.  I know they are all in good hands with hermana flores :)  
the monterrey rival futbol jerseys have officially been bought
Hermana flores has been the best.  23 years old from Mexico D. F., has been a member of this church all her life but went inactive for 2 years-- a year ago she decided to change her life around and prepare for a mission.  Her smile and positive vibes are contageous.  We share lots in common, such as.....#BieberFever, understands my love for Chris Brown music, and has a solid desire to help those around her.  I will miss listening to her belt into the showerhead, listening to her powerful personal conversion, and watching her grow and enjoy her first few weeks as a missionary.  I know we will be friends for life.
Well I have loved this area-- so different from Sada Vidrio which I absolutely loved and miss so much-- but I know that everywhere we go and everyone we meet is for a specific reason.  This week we had a few top notch experiences.  We decided to give Gloria and Humberto their own hymn books and a GIANT libro de mormon in large print that they sell at the temple because she can't read the tiny print haha-- literally when they recieved these books it was like watching little kids open gifts on christmas morning.  Their happiness exploded- and Gloria just started to cry with gratitude and appreciation.  I even started to cry because I love them so much!  It was one of the sweetest expereiences I've had on my mission.  I know they will get baptized in the next month.  Another weekly highlight was Vero and Nelson both went to church! this week we gave them libros de mormon, and that night they both read the first 20 pages and the next day told us how much they loved it!  I am going to miss them so much and know they will get baptized soon as well.  
  Humberto who i will miss so much!!
Some of the people that have impacted me here in miguel aleman:

Hna Francisca:  calling and checking up on us each afternoon as well as dropping off cake at night
Hna Gaby de Sanchez:  her bling bling acryllic nails and always giving us a gourmet meal when a meal falls through
hna Blanquita (70 + years old):  dancing for us in her kitchen as she explains it is a "great form of exercise" and giving us blunt marriage advice
Bishop and mama Pati:  being wonderful neighbors and always making sure we had hot water
marco, Isac, Carlos-- our 18 year old bros who made sure to keep us "cool" 
hna Alondra:  the sassy pairs of earrings she gave us
Hna Pilar:  Her delicious homemade pies and million hugs from her little girls
La Familia Robles:  teaching them how to make mamariches chocolate chip cookies
la familia aguilar:  homemade cheesecake pies and Edwort's bautismo
Ignacio:  His transformation through the gospel
Paloma:  our amusing conversations about pre-mission life
Hno Dante and Marielena:  their strong testimonies and always willing to take us places in their big van
the sweet young women's desires to serve missions

they make us feel cool hahah
I had the privilege to see 2 baptisms here (Isac and Edwort...yes his name is really spelled like that haha) which I know are future missionaries, and now it is time to meet more people, have more experiences, and grow more as a person.  I'LL LET YOU KNOW NEXT WEEK WHAT HAPPENS :)
Our friend Carlos

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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