October 04, 2015

Week 68: My Eyes Continue to be Opened

  our investigadora, Nora

Well isn't time just flying?  2 weeks already down here in this new area-- here are a few experiences from this week:

The mexican culture is a very religious culture- everyone believes in God and every other house has got a virgin Mary on the front door.  We contact everyone on the streets and try to knock on as many doors as possible, and the typical responses we recieve are "soy catolica /  I'm catholic, No tengo tiempo // I don't have time,  ya tengo Cristo en my corazón // I already have Christ in my heart....or they straight up say Pasenle!! // Come right on in!!  It's so intriguing to hear everyone's individual story.  This week we knocked on a woman's door who let us in and we made conversation as her 3 little boys ran around yelling and playing.  We sang her a song about how the family is ordained of God, and with a hint of sadness in her eyes expressed to us how her little boys ask her who God is, and she doesn't know how to respond.  She herself doesn't know who God nor Jesucristo are, and it makes me sad meeting new people everyday who don't know that they literally are children of a loving Heavenly Father and that their life has a plan.  It is a blessing being able to help people everyday recognize their divine potential and find hope in this unstable world.
 us 8 missionaries here in my ward!

We've got 3 couples right now who want to be baptized but are living together and aren't married...it's pretty typical here- lots of unmarried folks living together and as young as 15 year olds getting pregnant.  One of the women went with us to the general women's conference on saturday (broadcast from Salt Lake) and it really impacted her to listen about how the family is crucial in God's plan, how as women we need to respect our bodies and look for qualities in men that strengthen us to be worthy daughters of God, and how special it is to be married for all eternity in our sacred temples.  There's no doubt in my mind that this gospel is true, and everyday I see how it helps people change their lives around to live according to God's commandments.

a few quotes from conference:

Our purpose began much before we came here to earth.

we have come to earth to build His kingdom here on earth and prepare ourselves for Christ's 2nd coming

what will i do inorder to live my life as a daughter of God?

When we begin to see the potential and divine nature in OURSELVES, we will be able to see it in OTHERS

God doesn't remember our sins anymore when we truly repent

this life is to prepare to appear before God, not to recieve ALL the blessings

in this world it is so easy to focus on the things that don't matter

we have to look for happiness NOW, not wait until the future

what makes us happy in life is extending to others the pure love of Christ
  the best reunion with hermanas and estefania at womens conference!!!!

It is a bit hard coming from the ward ämerica where we received so much ward participation in missionary work-- i feel like my mission these 10 weeks here is to really get the members more excited and involved.  Little by little we are seeing progress. There are about 200-250 active members in this ward, but lots of people are inactive due to pride-- if one little thing happens between members or get bothered about something, they go inactive!  so we have lots of work to do trying to "calm the waters" haha.  what i've learned-- the people in the church aren't perfect, but the gospel of jesucristo es perfecto.  One hermano has gone with us to teach some families-- Hno Martinez-- he is so humble and is about 60 years old. He got baptized 30 years ago and is sad he couldn't serve a mission so now he goes out practically everyday with the missionaries. One lessons we were teaching about the prophets, and we asked him to share his testimony. He stood up on his feet and exclaimed with his heart:  

Yo sé con todo mi corazón que hoy en dia tenemos un profeta de Dios.  No tengo educacion- solo estudié hasta el segundo año en la primaria- pero no necesito educacion para saber que este hombre es llamado por Dios.

I know with all my heart that today we have a prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson.  I am not educated-- I only studied up until the 2nd grade-- but i don't need education in order to know that this man is called of God.

I think the 2 best decisions i have made in all my life:  going to BYU and deciding to serve a mission.  You guys-- these experiences have changed my life!! BECCA AND JORDAN... when i get home there is not a day where i won't say ÿou both need to serve a mission hahah wow have my eyes been opened here in Meeeexico!
 Bosques de San Miguel--- the ward and missionary district

At times i feel a bit guilty recognizing how blessed i am-- i have never had to suffer the obstacles I hear about everyday in these people's lifes.  THe majority only can afford Rice, beans, potatoes to eat, but when the members have us over to eat they prepare for us a meal that for them really is a feast.  and often times when we are over to eat, the parents won't eat that day because they have to sacrifice to have us over.  another hardship is that my companion's parent's don't have email, so she only will occassionally hear from her brother.  I try not to feel sad for these people but instead serve them and love them with all i've got.  Theres not a day that goes by that I don't just pour out my heart, thanking Heavenly Father for all i have.

This weekend is General Conference!! saturday and sunday.. you can all watch it online- i invite you ALL to prepare yourselves and go to conference with prepared questions that you want answered from the inspired words we will hear from living apostles and prophet.
  some women in my ward


C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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