October 25, 2015

Week 71: The Yellow Envelope

my paradise
 The moment has arrived.  I officially have my yellow envelope, which means i get to have about 25 percent of my mind "at home" haha president gives us these packets to help us start to create life plans / goals...how we can incorporate what we have learned here in the mission field into our own lives.  I've got to create a 90 day plan for my school life / religious life / love life. Lots of missionaries tend to feel nervous / anxious about going home, but i am totally calm and excited as i feel confident in knowing that i will continue to learn and progress as i go home-- that being a "missionary" doesn't end when i take off the badge.  Im just so stoked on where life will take me!!
  primary teachers

Yesterday was an amazing sunday-- every sunday is amazing.  Every october all the kids 4-11 years old present a program with spoken parts / songs and it is the cutest thing.  There were about 100 kids in this program yesterday, all the girls in white dresses and boys in light blue bow ties.  the room was packed... 300 people in attendance.  I got to play the piano for it, and seriously i almost teared up it was so precious listening to them sing haha!  now i am super tight with all the primary kids ;) a high light for sure was seeing the entire familia Herrada there-- all 5 of them.  The parents sat in front with giant smiles as they watched their 3 kids participate.  It is such a fulfilling feeling to see a family grow to recognize that this gospel can truly bless their life.  I love them!! alma, the mom, during the last hour of church whispered into my ear: Invitame a tu boda!!  invite me to your wedding!!.  These people i have met will always be treasured in my heart-- as a missionary, as a servant of the Lord, people truly feel the Savior's love for them through us......I think what i will miss most about being a missionary is being able to help people be truly happy everyday through expressing christlike love to them, and just having so many people put all their trust in me.

Pres Bird and Hna Bird came yesterday to watch the program, and Luis passed his baptismal interview!!!  He wil be baptized next sunday and we are so thrilled.  He even accepted the challenge to fast this past saturday, and he did and he even CRIED he feels so grateful for accepting this gospel.  Seeing him cry was a true sign that he is expriencing changes in his heart.

The work is so great in this area, in 5 weeks we have been able to recieve the help from 21 members going out and teaching with us!!!  I really have learned here in the mission the importance of missionaries / members working together to help rescue lost souls and bring them unto Christ.

yesterday we gave Nora, our investigadora, a dedicated hymn book and she just began to cry she was so grateful.  She said-- sabes que?? el dinero no es todo en este mundo /  you know what?  money isn't everything in this world.  More than anything in the mission I have learned that you can truly be happy with out all the material items this world has to offer.

A quote to meditae:  Our body and our spirit are combined in such a way that our body becomes an instrument of our mind and the foundation of our character - Boyd K Packer

my wonderful friends in my ward
Love you guys and seriously time is flying I WILL BE IN THE BAY IN NO TIME!!

kids we are teaching

 C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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