November 01, 2015

Week 72: Enduring To The End

 Well folks, today begins my last transfer as a missionary. 6 more weeks.  it is time to really endure to the e  n  d . .  .  It will be my 13th transfer including my time in the MTC in utah, and the other day i was reading my journal entries from the MTC / first few weeks in mexico.... so hilarious.  now that i read back i realize how much i was struggling with the language and everything new, and it is unbelievable to see how much I have progressed!!  Every 6 weeks we start a new agenda that contains my whole missionary life haha, and here are all of mine that i have decorated / have been decorated for me:

Well yesterday was a glorious way to end this transfer with el bautismo de Luis Valle.  Honestly, I can't express the joy one feels witnessing the changes in a person's life as they accept the gospel and then to see them be baptized and see their face glow with appreciation as they know and feel that all their past sins have been forgiven.  His wife and 2 kids came to support him which was big because they aren't too interested in listening to us.  The most special part of this baptismal service was seeing Luis cry and express his gratitude for this new family he is apart of in the ward, and for his friend Vicente who introduced him to the gospel.  Luis' life was changed all thanks to Vicente who one day at work opened his mouth and shared his testimony with Luis about the gospel.  Up until a year ago, Luis was getting drunk everyday and unaware of his purpose in life, but thanks to Vicente's bravery to share the gospel, he could help a friend recieve the presence of Christ in his life.  I invite all of you church members to share with your friends, family members, neighbors, your testimonies....invite them to church-- you never know whose life you are going to change.
  life is good.

and if you keep my commandments and endure to the end, you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God  DC 14:7

La Familia Herrada all stayed for the 3 hours of church and the baptism!!!  Literally this family is an answer to my prayers.... this family is known in their neighborhood as "bible masters" alma, the mom, gives bible classes to her neighbors, and they have been devoted to their christian church for many years.  So honestly they are making huge changes in their lives, and the whole block is gossping about it haha! a mormon family that lives around the corner from them literally told us... "hey, there is lots of talk going on about you guys visiting their family because they are known to be devote christians who only believe in the bible and nothing are you getting them to listen and go to church?" and our answer was simply.... "the spirit guides our words and testifies that our message is true.  and truly- the book of mormon changes lives.  Alma was anti libro de mormon until we sat with her and read a chapter together, 3 nefi 11, and she could not deny the power of it. We have shown her how the book of mormon and bible testify of EACH OTHER...working hand in testaments of jesus christ.  i will never deny the power and truthfulness of the book of mormon-- you just got to read it, ponder it, and ask God if it is true, and you will recieve an answer.
  abril herrada, 8 yrs old

I havn't talked too much about my companion but she is awesome-- we've finished the first half of her training and she is so advanced....she got to the mission pre trained hahah.  she is 28 years old, studied psychology, so she is very mature and is good at analyzing people haha.  She is from Lima, Peru and has made me delicious peruvian breakfasts with eggs, rice, and a type of banana that you cook (plaintains?) super delish.  she is a super hard worker and we just crank out the work all day everyday together.  She wants to learn lots of english so i've been teaching her a lot-- i for sure want to use spanish in my future job!!
 goodbye elder turner and elder wilcox!!  elder turner is getting trasnferred and wilcox goes home tomorrow
  mamariches is famous in the mission for how many packages i recieve <3

the mission is full of wonderful memories.  
love you all.  LES AMO MUCHO.

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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