November 15, 2015

Week 74: The Right Place at the Right Time

  Deluxe Macdonalds Pancake Breakfast with Pres Bird and the ladies

Well a new week has begun as well as the cold weather.  The tights and winter coat have been put to use.  Well this weekend we had a wonderful stake conference-- i got to sit next to my lovely Estefania and say hello to many friends from my old areas Miguel Aleman and America.  It was sweet because the stake president knows me, as I have been in the same stake for 10 months, and when he found out I only have a month left, he came up to me and shook my hand and thanked me for all the hard work and dedication i have put into the 3 wards here in "la estaca libertad"-- he is a grand example of humility and always has tears in his eyes when bearing his testimony.  It's interesting how the people I have had casual contact with here have had a grand influence on my life.
  my chapel, brand new

So the exciting news for the week:  This upcoming weekend a women's conference is being held for the whole state of Nuevo Leon (the state i am currently in here in Mexico) and it is being held this sunday 6pm-9pm and all day monday- and us sister missionaries have special permission to attend all of it!  it is being held in a huge convention center, and women had to sign up online months ago to get a spot in this conference.  Many guest speakers are coming, including the general primary president and the general relief society president!!  It is getting lots of attention and it really should be a great experience-
now onto the even more exciting part.  so out of ALL the wards in Nuevo Leon, the general Primary President and General Relief Society President of the church along with other general authorities have selected OUR ward, Bosques de San Miguel, to attend this sunday's sacrament meeting.  This is a huge deal!!  They will be speaking and planning a special program for us-- but yeah i literally will have the opportunity to play the piano for general authorities haha it is going to be so awesome!  I have definately been put in the right place at the right time. It's so funny- all the women in my ward have come up to me and told me that i will be their personal translators when they go up to talk to the general primary president and general relief society president. The whole ward is excited and Pres Bird and Hna Bird will also be in attendance.  The Lord has blessed me with many special opportunities here in Mexico.

So last week we searched for all new investigadores, really praying to the Lord to place "ready" people in our path.  On halloween night, we decided to walk down a street, and a 14 year old girl came running up to us saying "Quiero ir a su iglesia!" Ï want to go to your church!  Surprised, we smiled and laughed and asked her how she knew who we were.  She told us she had downloaded El Libro de Mormon on her tablet after seeing the title on some top rated book's list, and she began reading a month ago and that she ran into the elders but they never passed us on her address.  She expressed how happy she was to see us, and her mom was standing right next to her and said she could drop her off at church the next morning.  So sure enough we saw Grecia at church the next morning, and yesterday was her 2nd time at church and is planned to be baptized Nov 29.  SHe is a miracle and answer to our prayers!  Literally placed in our path.  The Lord has prepared her to recieve this message and she is so independant and just knows in her heart the Book of Mormon is true.  We were definitely put in the Right place at the right time on Halloween night.

La Familia Herrada, my special family of 5, keep progressing!  pray for them :)

this wednesday we have interviews with Pres Bird, and I will write you all the following wednesday due to the womens conf next monday!  love you all!  

C O N  A M O R 
hermana riches

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