May 03, 2015

Week 46: ¡¿ Ke Tranza Amigos?!

¡¡¿¿ Ke Tranza Amigos??!! What's happenin' friends??? -- practicing my mexico city slang gracias a Hna Flores.... who says Hola by the way-- First big shout out to mamariches for your amazing packages. AND SHOUT OUT TO THE NEW FAMILY MEMBER SADIE.....i can see that my family has finally replaced me with a dog. Can't wait to see my beautiful fam through the computer screen in 13 days!!! :)  
I love her
this week we spent some time with our dear friend Hidai...18 years old and recently baptized....she went with us to visit investigadores and experience la vida misional.  We naturally had to have a sister missionary photoshoot with her bicicleta- only a couple areas here in the mish use bikes (the elders in Juarez and China, far away ranch land areas).  Hidai is such an awesome girl-- we had a typical ladies'afternoon full of laughter, bonding, and helping her solve boy problems-- I've become quite the psychiatrist here in the mission.
  keepin' it gangster

this week was full of conferences, one being our zone conference with Pres. Bird.  I wanna take a few moments and share some funny interesting tid bits about my mission president.  We only see Pres Bird about every 6 weeks....1 transfer (6 weeks) we have personal interviews with him and then the next transfer we have our zone conf.  Each monday he sends out a general email to all us missionaries- things we should be focusing on, mission goals, upcoming events, and then we respond updating him on our investigadores, areas, personal needs, etc.  Pres Larry C Bird is awesome.  Everyday he wears his yellow smiley face pin on his blazer.  He's from Los Angeles, California-- his #CALIPRIDE is unreal.  If you are from california, you are automatically his favorite haha.  One conference he brought up how the best burger place in the world is IN N OUT because it started in the golden state of california.....another conference he fit in an example using his all time favorite player for the Lakers...Larry Bird...who happens to have the same name as him haha.  He LOVES the Lakers.  We have a San Fran/LA rivarly goin' on.  There's quite a few elders here from SO CAL, and when I'm talking to one of them, he'll go up to them and say "oh man, you can't deal with these blondes from the Bay Area" hahaha.  All his conferences / emails are in spanish (he served in Uruguay) but he's always throwing around side jokes in english.  During this week's conference, an elder from SoCal made a joking comment, and Pres Bird straight up replied:  DUDE!  You're givin' california a bad name" hahaha.  Pres Bird is hilarious and super chill-- but at the same time very strict and stern about the mission rules and how we behave as missionaries.  His wife is the sweetest.  She doesn't speak really any spanish so us missionaries translate for her.  I automatically love her because during conferences she's always got a can of coca light sitting on her desk-- and Pres Bird will casually grab it and take a couple sips (just like you dad with mom's diet coke haha :) )  Every missionary comments on how they want a marriage just like Pres Bird and Hna Bird-- Pres talks about his wife, and then begins to tear up. I could go on and on about them....they really are awesome.  I will apply these councils from Pres Bird for the rest of my life. I know that he is my mission Pres for a special reason (Mom and Dad... you will love them when you meet them in December :) )

zone conf:

So much was learned, but an overall theme was the importance of not judging others and forgiving those that have wronged you.  I highly recommend that you all read this talk below on forgiveness and charity:

We also talked about the process of forming/ breaking habits.

1.  Make the decision
2.  don't allow exceptions
3.  tell others about your goal so they can help you
4.  visualize yourself doing this habit
5.  come up with a phrase that you can repeat in your head when you feel weak
6.  be determined to stay strong
7.  come up with an end reward to help motivate you

I know that this formula can help us overcome our bad habits, weaknesses, and addictions and help create good habits

We also had stake conference this weekend, and Pres Bird spoke about the importance of members and missionaries working together.  This conference was really great-- an area 70 spoke as well as the temple president.  lots of emphasis on the family and truly keeping the sabbath day holy, and not just having a TEMPORAL perspective but an ETERNAL perspective.

Wish I had more time to write-- wanna end by saying that CASUALTIES DO NOT EXIST....EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON--- talk to yáll next thursday after we go to the temple!  May 7th

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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