April 25, 2015

Week 45: MacDonalds Makes the World Go Round

Once upon a time, hermana riches and hermana flores decided to go on an adventure.  The sun was blazing, the heat was sweltering, and these two missionaries were in the need of a little pick-me-up.  In the distance they caught a glympse of golden arches, almost glowing in front of the monterrey mountain back drop.  The decision was unanimous- a taxi zoomed around the corner and they decided to fulfill their dream of going through MacDonald's drivethrough- In a Taxi.  Like a summer day, the 2 minute trip felt like an hour as their hair blowed with the rolled down windows.  I can honestly say it was a thrill pulling up to the window, being given a coca light in one hand and a vanilla cone in the other.  The taxi driver couldn't help but shake his head and laugh at how happy we were.  I may have friends serving missions in other much cooler, exciting places, but hey atleast i got my drive through coca light :)

Just had to remind you all that I'm still normal and havn't changed :) Well- where to begin.  I'll start with the weather....so hot!  but yesterday we had a random 1 hour downpour and then blazing heat afterwards.....i miss my bay area weather.  Its raining right now and we just got back from playing soccer in the rain with all the elders. seriously such a blast hahaha the latinos are so good its ridiculous.  I'm brushin' up my AYSO soccer skills.....but its official. i will never be a coordinated soccer player.  The 2 new elders in my ward are super awesome-- every day we eat lunch with them in a church member's home, and it's been especially interesting learning about Ecuador because Elder Plaza is from Ecuador.  Elder Clark is brand new in the mission...3rd week here....so he is in the process of learning to speak and understand español.  Oh how I remember those days.  I have enjoyed being his translator haha.  Yesterday we had a neat experience....the woman I mentioned in my email last week with cancer, well we asked the two elders if they could come and give her a blessing- in the church, men through the power and authority of the priesthood can give blessings by laying their hands on their head for those that are experiencing difficulties, sicknesses, etc.  They arrived and gave sweet Blanca a blessing- and it was really powerful to listen to and to see the look of gratitude on her face.  I know this power is real, and that truly worthy men with this power can bless us and heal us when we need it.

This week Alondra, a woman in our ward, presented us to 2 women that live on her street....2 sisters 21 and 26 years old.  They live together, and their husbands leave all the time for work.  The 21 year old, Berta, is extremely depressed because her 3 month old baby just passed away, choking on milk.  A horrible story :( these women have so much sadness in their countenances.  Alondra had only talked to these girls one time before, and felt the need to contact us so that we could present ourselves and share an uplifting message.  We testified to these women that life does not end at death, that she will see her baby again through this gospel of jesus christ.  I feel honored every day, every hour, when I am able to bring esperanza, (hope) luz (light), and gozo,(joy) into these people's lives.

Yesterday at church we decided to go in and listen to the youth sunday school class...ages 12-18.  there are about 25 youth in total here in my ward.  They talked about the importance of REALLY knowing for yourself if this gospel is true-- and being strong during all these worldly temptaions and difficulties we face now adays.  The world is getting tougher and tougher to live in.  Here in Mexico you see lots of teenage girls-- 15 and 16 years old---- pregnant and its so sad to see them in their school uniforms, just going to school normally and then having to drop out.  We have taught quite a few of young pregnant girls and it just makes me so grateful for the values I have grown up with.

Tomorrow we have a zone conference all day with Pres. Bird where we receive instruction, practice, and bond with my buddies here!  You form such great friendships here in the mission.  

Hasta Luego- estoy muy agradecida por todos sus correos, sus oraciónes, su amor....en verdad me fortelecen.  La Misión es dificil, pero hermosa.  Amo ser misionera.  Amo a mi familia y a mis amigos.  GRACIAS POR TODO!  

skype countdown.  20 days YIPPEE!!!!!
Our Plan de Salvación that we created to use when we teach

my zone chillin eatin carne asada
  us writing you guys right now :)

 C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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