June 06, 2015

Week 51: Straight-up Miracles

For Behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to recieve his word at the time of his coming in his glory alma 13:24

STRAIGHT UP MILAGROS have been seen in Monterrey this week.  But first off congrats to Jordan Riches for graduating high school!!! wow how is it june????

I cannot contain my joy.  Yesterday i got to return to Miguel Aleman for Gloria and Humberto's bautismo.  Many companionships have taught them, and they were actually the first investigadores Hna Flores and I met together when we arrived to Miguel Aleman.  We spent 3 months teaching them all we know- involving literally every ward member, fasting, and praying for them and really depending on the Lord.  Gloria (grandma), Gloria(daughter) and Humberto (grandson) all live together-- they have had lots of strong problems with husbands in the past.  The daughter works constantly so we havn't taught her much. They have changed my life-- they have studied the scriptures and other church books so much and know more than some of the members haha!  Yesterday Hna Guillen and I sang with Hna Flores and Hna Romero-- Yo Sé Que Vive Mi Señor.... I know that My redeemer lives...it was so unbelievable!  Gloria and Humberto started to cry with joy and Hna Flores and I literally could not contain ourselves and sang through our tears as well.  My heart literally burns with warmth I am so happy for them!  And grateful that the Lord put them in my path.  It was so great to see all the ward members--- I absolutely love and miss Miguel Aleman!  I have made such dear friends.
I love them
 Estefania got baptized last week and is so awesome
Nina...the woman who I mentioned last week.  We push her through the streets and she goes out and teaches with us! She has changed my life and so many others.
We are being blessed in our area-- legit miracles!  So America is pretty much known as the "rich nice area full of old people that barely has baptisms"-- but i am here to tell you that hna Guillen and I are WORKIN' IT and are being blessed with so many interested people!!!  2 stories i would like to share:

Jaqueline:  19 years old girl who left her home in Southern Mexico and now rents a solo apartment due to lots of family problems.  This girl is golden-- she has been searching God for a while, and she said that when we started talking to her in the street she felt something hit her in the chest, and she wants this change in her life-- so she has accepted a baptismal date! 

Familia Alvarado Ortiz-- 2 weeks ago we contacted the father, Jorge, who accepted a visit from us as he is battling a strong disease and was jobless.  This family seriously is ready to recieve the gospel-- mom, dad, 16 year old, 14 yearold, 8 year old, and the grandma.  The coolest part is that Jorge has been out of work for so long, and last week he got offered 3 jobs!! so he really has a testimony that what we are teaching him is true and that he is being blessed. He is a painter.  He has been super busy this past week so we havn't met with him much, but we called him saturday night to see if he wanted to go to church the next day and he explained how his boss offered him work for sunday but he told him he couldn't go because he had TO GO TO CHURCH :) literally straight up miracle and it just shows his humility and eagerness to learn more.  Such a great example to me of someone putting the Lord first.  He really is changing his life and recieving answers that this is true-- the whole family went to a church activity this week (this ward has not recieved a new complete family in so long) and the dad/ kids have gone to church twice.  Jorge also went to the baptism yesterday and loved it.  I have prayed for a family of 5 my whole mission-- and I just hope this is the family that is ready to accept the gospel!  PRAY FOR THEM :)
Estefania's wonderful car and air conditioning
it really is amazing how the Lord puts these people in our lives for special, specific reasons.  So many incredible experiences everyday-- and friendships that have become so dear to me.  Estefania, 19 years old who got baptized last week with the elders, has gone out so much to teach with us this week-- saying it has been "the best experience of her life".  She is so awesome-- i love her!! She just drives us around in her car all afternoon as we search for people to teach-- which is super nice because it is scorching hot everyday.  Too bad we can't blast T-swift..........6 months and counting :)

 the 2 hermanas moved out-- i love them but now i can have peace and actually rest hahahaServing a mission is the best decision I have ever made.  Yes, there are definitely not so fun times.  But I can't explain to you all the happiness I feel and all of the knowledge I am gaining.
An intercambio we had this week.....my blonde sista hermana wagner is so awesome.  The first american sister I really have worked with here.

there is no joy that can compare with that of a missionary who has been made an instrument for the salvation of a soul Orson F. Whitmer

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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