June 28, 2015

Week 54: Golden State Pride

The best chocolate cheese cake 
My zone eating tacos last monday

First off I am so proud of my Bay Area sports teams the Giants and the Warriors for bringing home the championships........WOOHOOOOOO golden state pride.  Also big shout out to Kyle Riches for getting married this weekend <3 !!!!
1 Transfer down here in America.  Only 4 transfers left to go on my mission!! Last night we recieved the call that Mi Compañera Hna Guillen is getting transferred and that tomorrow I will get my new companion.  I wanna dedicate this blog post to her, the impact she has had on my life and the experiences we have had together.
Estefania, one of my greatest friends here
Hna Evelyn Guillen is 20 years old and got baptized just 4 years ago.  She is from Ensenada, Baja California (Mexico) wooooo california haha and goes home in September.  Her family situation is pretty sad-- she is the only active member in her family and really doesn't have a relationship with her parents.  She Just recently began to email her family when we became companions, as I insisted that she talk to them and that she share her experiences :)  She knows how detailed my emails are to you guys and she has expressed much gratitude for me helping her be more involved with her family.  Hna Guillen is one of the MOST Christlike people I have ever met.  You neverrr hear her say a bad comment, complaint, constantly serving others, exactly obedient.  At exactly 10:30 pm she is found on her knees saying her nightly prayer, even if she hasn't had the time to change into PJS or brush her teeth.   She is very calm and softhearted, really focused on this work.  Haha we laugh because we have lots of similarities but at the same time sooo different from one another-- I feel honored because she has told me numerous times that this has been the most fun transfer in all of her mission because of my craziness and animated personality haha I have helped her come out of her shell ;)  She has a beautiful singing voice!  We sound so good together.  She plays a bit of guitar too!  The elders have a guitar / keyboard in their house, and since they don't know how to play them, we begged them to let us borrow them haha.  So these last 2 weeks we have been playing and singing in the house whenever we get 5 minutes of spare time.  I've been pulling out the guitar chords to the hymns and it has been so fun playing and singing-- also, I finished writing my song :)  I wrote a song in spanish about my mission experience to the tune of "Daughter of a King" by Jenny Phillips, and I have the sheet music and have been playing it on the keyboard.  Excited for yáll to listen to it ;)  Hopefully my next companion loves music too, I have had so many experiences with music here!  I am teaching various ward members how to lead music and will probably start holding piano lessons in the chapel.  I am excited for this next transfer here in america and the miracles we will see.
This woman has changed my life......her dedication to go to church, study scriptures every single day and maintain her optimism despite her disabled state really has been a great example of patience, hope, and faith to me here
The weather is so wacky!  Super hot and sunny, but then all of a sudden black clouds appear and it's a sudden downpour.  Yesterday, Pres Bird and Hna Bird came to church and Pres Bird gave a talk on the influence his father has had on his life-- HAPPY LATE FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!! wish I could have skyped you.  I truly am so grateful for the amazing father I have.

A few questions to reflect:

What have I done today to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ?
What blessings from God have I witnessed today?
How have I served someone today?

Well, today we are busy cleaning the apartment and getting Hna Guillen packed up and ready to go.  Tomorrow I will get my new companion and next monday I will give you the deets!

The homies Elder Cook, Elder Aguilar, Hna Guillen
my gurl hermana flores, and Elder Connell and Elder Ramirez....both go home tomorrow!
Love these women
My zone at the temple
 Around the corner of our aparment
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope or confidence.  Helen Keller

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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