July 27, 2015

WEEK 59: H E A T

Heat.  I can't think of any other creative title for this week's post.  Man this weather is so hot everyday......38-40 degrees celcius which is basically 100 degrees fahrenheit every day!  We have the daily routine of trying different homemade popsicles that people sell in their homes.  The only thing that monterrey lacks is the BEACH.  What's super nice though is we have one of the few houses in the mish with a mini air conditioning system :)  So at night we just blast the cold air.
What a fabulous week we had.  Things here in America just keep getting better and better.  Yesterday Jorge was confirmed and received the gift of the holy ghost and he is just so stoked and happy.  He accompanied us yesterday afternoon to visit one of our investigadores, and he just LOVES sharing with people this happiness and change he has experienced through the gospel.


God answers prayers.  One afternoon we were on splits and I went with hermana Nina to go teach.  She is the woman in the wheel chair i have mentioned before.  I was pushing her along in the street when we happened to come across a disabled woman having difficulties trying to cut her aloe vera plant for her leg pains.  I went over to help her, and she caught sight of Hna Nina and let us in to share a message.  This woman, Teresa, began to explain all of her body pains and how she lives completely alone.  Hna Nina began to share her testimony that this gospel keeps her happy and strong through trials.  After our little message, Teresa happily announced that she had a little surprise for Hna Nina.  She rolled in her wheel chair in order to grab the gift inside, and later returned with a big bag of adult diapers.  I couldn't help but have the biggest smile on my face, as literally that same day Hna Nina had expressed to us that she and her father had run out of adult diapers and didn't have money to buy more for this week.  Hna Nina heartily thanked hna Teresa, and hna Teresa just had tears strolling down her face. The spirit was so strong as I sat between these 2 women in their wheel chairs, knowing that the Lord had led us to Teresa and inspired her to give Hna Nina this needed gift.

God Answers Prayers.  Last night at 8:30 pm we were with Estefania and we wanted to find one last person to teach in the 30 minutes that remained.  We decided to say a prayer in her car, asking for guidance, and afterwards recieved the inspiration to check a reference we recieved from a member.  We knocked, and no one was home.  We decided to walk down that street to see if anyone would recieve us.  After about 3 rejections, we saw a lit home and knocked.  A kid ran out and later got his mom who let us in.  We sang a song about the family, and Priscila, the mom, was very interested and explained to us that she had been praying and asking God to bless her with the wisdom to guide her children on the right path.  We happily testified that she was the answer to the prayer we had offered in the car, and that this message would truly help her.  We talked about El Libro de Mormon and gave her a copy, and she said she had just finished reading a book and was in the process of finding something else to read!  She was literally a direct answer to the prayer we had offered in the car, and I am excited to see how she will progress.
Verily Verily i say unto thee, blessed art thou for what thou hast done; for thou hast inquired of me, and behold, as often as thou has inquired thou hast recieved instruction of my spirit.  If it had not been so, thou wouldst not have come to this place where thou art at this time  DC 6:14

Every day is filled with these experiences.
view from the roof of one of our neighbors
In august we have 3 people planned to be baptized who are progressing so well; Yaretzi, Jose Guadalupe, and Marcelina.  I will give their backstories next time, but they are golden!  Marcelina is a single mom with a rebellious 15 year old daughter, and she has read almost the whole book of mormon in a month.  She has had a smoking problem for the last 30 years so we are helping her quit to prepare for baptism.  She says whenever she feels tempted, she reads the book of mormon and always feels better.  El Libro de mormon has impacted her so much that she is going to dedicate / write a note in it for her nephew and give it to him as a gift- as he is currently in jail and she knows it will help him.  We visit her everyday, and each time she just knows more and more in her heart that these things are true.
A man in my ward loves to write poetry, and he wrote this poem about sister missionaries and wanted to put a photo of us on it and make copies for everyone he knows hahaha!  So all the ward members have this poem with a pic of us.  It's pretty funny.  But the poem is amazing and he framed it for me-- it will be something I treasure forever.
attention please......I successfully did not get lice from my companion!

Sunday we get transfer news-- I hope with ALLLLL my heart that I don't get transferred!  Talk to yáll on monday or tuesday!

 Jessica, a 15 year old in my ward

  California Love

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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