September 23, 2014

Lindsay's Bday is Coming Up!

Dear Family & Friends of Hermana Riches,

Lindsay is turning 20 on October 12!!  She would absolutely LOVE to hear from you even if it is just a simple note!  The key we have found is using her email address and NOT the old fashioned mail system because hand written letters take about a month and a half to send. If you want to send her a quick email, her email is!

Just to give you all a feel for snail mail to Mexico: we just got a letter from her today dated August 5.......almost 2 months!  Crazy!  Just to let you all know, Lindsay will be able to read the emails on October 6 or after her bday on October 13. We thank you all so very much for all your love for our family.  We are beyond blessed with beloved family & friends.

Much love,
Melissa (Lindsay's mom)

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