September 24, 2014

¡Viva México! (Week 15)

Buenas tardes!  First off i wanna make some big shout outs to Grammy and Grandpa, Emily Crowder, and Katie Barrus for your letters!!! I feel so loved.  and all of your emails! and MOM I GOT YOUR 2nd PACKAGE :)  It is so great recieving bits of home!

This past Monday was Independence day here in Mexico-- meaning every home puts out their Mexico flag and red and green decorations-- I even saw some dogs painted green and red haha so sad!  and of course we had to celebrate with mastaches......

no caption

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to have my 2nd baptism!!  Dana, 14 years old, got baptized yesterday.....and drum roll please......Her brother Patricio (my first convert) BAPTIZED HER!!!! It was so awesome.  Patricio got baptized 3 weeks ago and there he was baptizing his younger sister!!!  Right when she came up out of the water she was smiling and was so sweet to see.  This family is so close and united and it was so sweet to see them all embrace at the end of this baptism.....all 4 of them have now been baptized and can now go to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity.  It's so incredible being a missionary here and being apart of this joy that they are experiencing as a family!  What's awesome too is that Patricio wants to serve a mission!!  So we will see what happens :) Yesterday we also sang "Fe en cada paso" or "faith in every footstep" with the elders and it was so beautiful!! The elders had an investigator also get baptized yesterday, so it was a great event that really united the ward here in Sada Vidrio.  

I love this pic of their family!

 Cesar, the elders' investigator, also got baptized :)
Yesterday I also gave a talk in church on OBRA MISIONAL......missionary work.  It was so great!  I felt so comfortable and every word was fluid....the spanish is really kickin' in and I can pretty much understand everything and say all that I want to say!  Mom:  here is a "selfy sunday" for you to enjoy haha :)

the few moments in the mission when my hair is straightened and face is done haha here ya go mom!

So I've learned something interesting about prayers.....when we pray for something like "Heavenly Father, please help me to have more patience" or "please help me to be more diligent", our answers to these prayers are going to be answered with situations that TEST our patience and TEST our diligence.....For example:  Say you want to have more patience with a friend who is giving you a hard time.... the only way Heavenly Father can "help" you to have more patience is by giving you difficult situations with that person to LEARN how to have's a bit strange to think about but it's true!  

For all of you who have warned be about getting sick on the mission..... I NOW KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.  This week I had my first "not so pleasant sick experience" hahahah.  Monday night a family gave us some Carls Juniors burgers....and Tuesday I experienced the worst nausea you can imagine!  Let's just say I will not be eating from Carls Junior for a while.  But nevertheless, missionaries don't get "days off" so after my brief sick episode outside of our house haha bleh I took a 2 hour nap and we went straight back to work.  I think I have never missed home more in that moment!

Hm what else... I continue to sleep talk every night in spanish to my companion haha I feel bad!!  This week was super hot but yesterday and today had rain.  


 the streets here literally have waves.... hahaha mom i need my rain boots!!

haha so cute!  people in my ward

dana's quinceñera why didn't i have a quinceñera......
 an investigator lets me play her guitar :)  #jamsesh

every tuesday and saturday we go and talk to people in the markets

 pic of before church 

"not that I speak in respect of want:  For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content" Philippians 4:11

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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