December 24, 2014

¡ Feliz Navidaddddddd ! (Week 28)

12 days of christmas.....version mexico monterrey este
BUENAS TARDES!  So I have a giant smile on my face right now because Navidad is in 2 days!  and I get to talk to my wonderful family!  Well this week flew by and we had so many fun events and memorable moments.  I wish you could all just be here with me to see the crazy moments I have on a daily basis with the people here hahaha.  First thank you to Mom and Grammy Riches for your lovely mail!  And all of the fabulous emails I recieve each week seriously it means so much. hmmmm I don´t even know where to begin!  So much to say....the delicious tamales I get to eat here every day....the christmas lights on all the homes....the loco super hot and super cold weather....  Last week we had a christmas party with my ward here and there were various musical numbers performed.  hermana mendoza, me and 3 other young women sang ¨Noche de Luz¨....Silent harmonies and it was sooo beautiful!!  We also sang it again in sacrament meeting this past sunday.  I love having all of these musical opportunities sing or play the piano....and to do it in spanish is even cooler :) 

So this past saturday as a zone we went to a giant market and shined shoes and gave out hot chocolate!  It was pretty funny, all 20 of us were walking through the market and EVERYONE was staring at us....hahah because we are never out in public with a big group of us missionaries so yes we caught everyone's attention with us being half blondes and half from mexico.  It's funny too because everyone we talk to on the street always asks us... "en su iglesia siempre hay un juerito y un mexicano!!" hahaha meaning....."in your church there is always a blonde and a mexican.....yes we missionaries have that stereotype.  This activity was awesome because we got to talk to so many people and hand out pamphlets and Christmas cards and recieve lots of directions of people to go and visit.  Not everyoneeeee is willing to listen to us haha but the people here really are so warm and nice.  The markets are so fascinating as all these people really do make a living off of everything they sell......lots of different foods, handmade items, etc.  

 this is like half of the market!  it is huge
"selfy for instagram"

This morning we had our "christmas brunch" with all the missionaries here in Monterrey was such a blast!  We had nutella crepes, and I played the piano for all of us as we sang Christmas carols in spanish all together. and each zone performed a number haha we sang the "12 days of Christmas" but we changed all the words to things that relate here in the was seriously so perfect haha all the missionaries and Presidente Bird were applauding so loud!  Shout out to the Riches Fam Tradition of all of us singing 12 days of Christmas on Christmas Eve :)  haha I had to carry on the tradition here!  here are some photos from this morning:
 #bestySelfy award goes to Presidente Bird

So yes lots of photos and more to come next week!  although I miss home I really have learned to appreciate all the experiences I am having here....and just the joy I have to be sharing this message of Christ with people every day.  Remember......Christmas all began with the birth of our Savior

que os ha nacido hoy, en la ciudad de David, un Salvador, que es Cristo el  Señor...gloria a Dios en las alturas, y en la tierra paz, buena voluntad para con los hombres!  Lucas 2:  11, 14

Cristo vive.  Christ Lives.
Love you all!!!! Tenga una Feliz Navidad!!

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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