December 11, 2014

He Is The Gift (Week 26)

The wonderful Familia Garcia (Older Son and Daughter my recent converts :))

What a crazy week!  The holidays are definitely filled with so many activities, events, happiness, and stress haha!  This week Hermana Mendoza put up a fewwww Christmas decorations.......
  a classic #ChristmasSelfy

So I havn't talked much about my investigadores, but we have one fabulous family, Familia Hernandez, and the mom and son have baptismal dates set for January 4th!  So we are working really hard with them.....The kids are so full of love...when we are walking in the street towards their home, if they see us walking, they run in full sprint towards us and shout HERMANAS HERMANAS and give us the biggest hugs and kisses on our cheeks.  Jerson, 8 years old, Alison, 7 years old, and a 6 month year old.  Their dad is alwaysss out of town for work, and the mom, Carmen, works multiple little jobs to provide more money for the family.  They live in very humble circumstances, and the kids are always offering us treats and drawn pictures of us haha it is very sweet.  Gah I have so much love for this family and just keep praying that they will keep progressing and keep recieving answers from the Lord that our message is true.  The mom has had dreams about us, has been reading the Book of Mormon, and really has seen a change in her life since meeting with us.  So we just hope and hope and hope that they keep progressing.  This sunday there is a big Christmas program in the Temple, and we really hope they can go with us!!  The Kids love going to our church activities, and the ward members have really given lots of support for this family.  It makes me so grateful for the service of the members in my ward!  Here are some pics of us with the kids scrunched in a taxi going to a ward activity hahaha:

Well as many of you have seen the video HE IS THE GIFT...., we as missionaries have been so focused on sharing it with as many people as we can!  The church really is putting so much effort into this video...with ads on Facebook, Youtube, and they bought a place in Times Square to post an advertisement.  It's really cool being a missionary during these times when the church is putting forth grand efforts to have the word be known.  I love this video.  I watch it multiple times with people everyday.....but the one in spanish (El es La Dadiva)  If an investigador/member has a smart phone or internet in the house, we always invite them to watch it and share it on their Facebooks.  Everytime I watch this video I feel so much peace!  and we have seen many times where investigadores watch this video and shed some tears.  This time really is for us all to remember the grand blessings we have thanks to our Savior. 

Link to Video: 

I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me  Phillipians 4:13

Well, this week has been a bit harder for me.  Not gunna lie I have had a few minor meltdowns haha....  and it is sooo hard being away for the holidays!  It's hard watching everyone here enjoy time with their families in their fiestas.....  I have been a bit homesick thinking of all you fam at home. and we work 24/7 as missionaries.....with no day of rest and no day off on Christmas or new years!  Here, people don't play christmas music or hardly a christmas tree!  About half the people have Christmas Decorations.  I have been so humbled being here and have really recognized the blessings I have recieved and how lucky we are at home. and I know I need to take in all of these memories I am having here with my new beloved friends and family.  Although I sincerely miss Mom's cookies, watching christmas movies in pajamas, and the warm company of family and friends, I know that this work really is important and that this message will touch many hearts this Christmas season.  I am eternally grateful for my family and all the traditions we have.....for these are much greater than any material gift. 

Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  I have been called of Him to declare his word among hs people, that they might have everlasting life  3 Nephi 5:13


to give you an idea of the delicious tacos I eat every day (The Famous tacos de bistec de Hermana Alma Sanchez)

on mondays from 4-6 we play futból as a zone....hahaha Jordan you'd be impressed with my skills ;)
one of our favorite people Gina Gomez :)

Love you all and drink lots of eggnog and peppermint bark for me!!

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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