November 07, 2014

My Life As An Hermana.....The Inside Scoop (Week 21)

Tacos are the bomb
Buenas Tardes!  Hermana Riches here with the inside scoop on what life is like as a sister missionary here in Monterrey, Mexico.  It's a pretty weird feeling having all of you friends and family know about my life solely from a blog hahah.... as I am sitting here in a public rent-a-computer place, I wanted to give you some insights on my day to day life....the 4-1-1 of what life is really like as for a "gringa hermana" :)

- all of the workers in 7/11 and local gas stations know you due to daily chocolate/ gatorade / diet coke breaks
-  when you go to give the taxi driver a pass along card you notice they already have that same card and 3 others hanging from their rear view mirror
-  everytime you pass a cart selling corn you can't help but recite all the lines from "Nacho Libre" in your head
- everything that we eat at home with bread is replaced with a tortilla....EVERYTHING.
-  you get over excited when finding a perfect scripture verse for a lesson or when someone commits to baptism
- the only time you are more than 3 ft away from your campion is in the bathroom
-  you know all the street names better than the people who have lived here in the same city their whole life
-  fashion + glamorizing= seeing how many possible skirt/ blouse combos can be made
- having the constant fear of breaking one of the 100 rules we have as missionaries
-  the surprised reaction on people's faces when I open my mouth and speak spanish
-taking pictures with elders is awkward.
- being car-less= calf muscles gettin' swole
- every stress/ worry you have is about someone else's life
- emails/cards mean more to you than anything materialistic
- you feel the need to help every single person that crosses your path
- really cool tan lines from the same pair of shoes you wear every day
- seeing a cockroach on the floor begins to be the Norm
- it's totally normal talking to every stranger in the street
- when talking to an american elder you only speak spanish because talking in english feels weird
- your body never adjusts to waking up at 6:30 am every day
- asking strangers for weekly weather forecasts
- although you have the same exact schedule every day, every day is completely different
- strangers asking you to say a prayer for them right then and there on the side walk
- nevery saying/ writing your first name

well these are just some tidbits of what life is like here as an hermana!  some other weekly high lights include:

- so it is not a surprise that soccer is huge here....on game days every one walks around with their "tigre" jersey and cars drive around waving big banners and signs haha they loveeee their team "los tigres" here
- each district meeting I have the chance to teach the missionaries a bit of english so this week I taught "head shoulders knees and toes" hahah
- we had an investigator in church yesterday!  His name is Hugo, and we hope that he can continue to progress
-  On friday (halloween) I went and taught with another hermana in another area...and there were actually quite a few trick or treaters!  but i guess it's because Monterrey is close to the border so people have adopted some US traditions here....but lots of people here are pretty superstitious about halloween and don't want their kids celebrating it.  My companion was Hermana Garcia from the Dominican Republic...she's super cool!
 haha of course we had to do a bit of trick or treating....
well this week was super hot but I think it's gunna start to get a bit colder....haha later today we are having a "Guerra de tortillas"....tortilla a zone so I will have to update you all on that next week hahaha!

I really am doing great, and I just love the people and have such great friends!  Because the ward is pretty small, with only like 70 active members, everyone is family.  I know I can go to any member if I need anything and I will be recieved with love and support.  There are so many apparent struggles in these people's lives, but they have some of the strongest testimonies I have seen.  Every day I am writing rapidly in my journal about the people and my experiences because I dont want to forget!
 the Lopez Familia

how is it novemember??!!! big shout out to BECCA RICHES for my blog posts!!!

a mini testimony in spanish....

yo sé sin duda que esta iglesia es verdadera.  yo realmente sé que esta iglesia es la misma iglesia que Jesucristo estableció sobre la tierra.  Con La Biblia y el libro de mormón tenemos la plenitud del evangelio, y es necesario que sigamos los mandamientos para encontrar felicidad.  Yo he recibido muchísimas respuestas de mis oraciones, y yo puedo testificar que Dios está escuchándonos siempre.  Si tenemos fe en jesucristo y su expiación, podemos vencer todos los desafíos. Tenemos un profeta, Thomas S. Monson, para guiarnos en el camino correcto.  El recibe revelación directamente con Dios, y necesitamos seguir sus palabras.  Tenemos la promesa de la Vida Eterna si nosotros guardamos los mandamientos.  Testifico que las familias pueden ser eternas mediante el sacerdocio restaurado que tenemos en los temples sobre la faz de la tierra.  Yo he visto milagros aquí en la misión cuando las personas reciben una respuesta que estas cosas son verdaderas.  Cuando una persona ore y pregunte a Dios si El Libro de Mormón es verdadero, realmente Dios va a poner sentimientos de paz y consuelo en su corazón que estas cosas son verdaderas. Esta es una respuesta.  No va a ser un señal en el a ser muy pequeño sentimientos en su corazón, y ésta es una confirmación.  Estoy muy agradecida y feliz a estar aquí en la misión Mexico Monterrey Este, y yo sé que aquí es donde yo necesito estar. Les extraño mucho, todo ustedes..... pero yo puedo testificar que esta obra es muy importante y que Dios va a protegerme cada paso! Esta misión es muy difícil....lo más difícil en toda mi vida...pero es un honor a ver muchas milagros cada día y ver la mano del Señor en todos lados.   

i'll send more pics next week! #computerproblems love you all!

"and thou shalt open they mouth at all times, declaring my gospel with the sound of rejoicing.  amen"  DyC 28:16

c o n  a m o r
hermana riches

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