March 06, 2015

Week 38: A Little Taste of the Outside World

*shout out to all you who have sent me Christmas Cards....2 months later and I have officially received them haha LOVE YOU ALL!!!!*

Well, the title of my post says it all:  This week I got to watch a MOVIE!  Us missionaries got to watch "Conozca a Los Mormones"....."Meet the Mormons".  I believe this movie came out in theaters at home back in October, but here in Mexico it came o ut in theaters this past friday.  We got to watch it in spanish in the mission offices this week, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it!  I loved it because it wasn't "preachy".... it simply shows the world that us "mormons" are perfectly normal with joys, passions, jobs, and trials like everyone else.  I highly recommend that you should all go watch it!  It's amazing what the church is doing nowadays to make its voice heard.

Well I would like to share a testimony to you all:  I know and testify that the weather here in Monterrey is INSANE!  On Sunday I was sweating in a short sleeve blouse, on monday I was bundled up with a scarf and pea coat, on wednesday I got a sunburn, and on thursday I battled a rainstorm.  I've had this nose- throat cold for a month now because the weather is so bipolar!
Week 2 of Hermana Flores' training has been completed here in Miguel Aleman, and between people rejecting us, me sleeptalking in spanish to my companion every night, and homemade tamale deliveries, we seem to be enjoying ourselves.  It's great having a "newbie" as a compañera because she can fill me in on all the "latest news"....such as T Swift's new album that I kind of desperately want to listen to haha!  It's funny/ interesting having a "newbie" as a compañera because it reminds me so much of how I felt as a new missionary.....terrified of contacting people in the street, the weird feeling of being glued to someone's side 24-7, giant toe blisters, being sad when people reject you, thinking every person you teach will get baptized, giving me the blank-terrified look when people ask us intimidating questions....oh how I don't miss my first few weeks haha!
my love for homemade tamales is indescribable
 Hermana Francisca....who dropped off tamales for us 
Here in the area we have a dilemma- we have a married couple who have listened to the missionaries for 20+ years and a boy the age of 17 who has listened to the missionaries for 6+ years, and they do not want to commit to baptism.  It's interesting how the Lord has his timing for everyone, but I just hope that we can be the missionaries that can finally help these 3 people fully commit to baptism.  

We feel more confortable here in the area- with the members and knowing our way around- but the only hard part is that we are basically working from scratch...there hasn't been a whole lot of progress in the area when we first got here, so we have been having to find all new investigadores and really strengthening the bonds between us and the members- shout out to all you church members- you guys are the key to helping us find people to teach!  I encourage you all this week to go out and teach with the missionaries in your wards and give them references of family members/ friends/ neighbors who you think would enjoy a message from the missionaries.  It helps us more than you know :)

Let me repeat:  MISSIONS ARE HARD!  Physically, mentally, emotionally....but the best experience of anyone's life.  Yesterday we visited a woman who is battling such difficult trials in her life, and when we left, Hermana Flores just burst into tears because she felt so sad for this woman.  Every day we feel immense sadness for people, and the only way we can help them is invite them to have faith in their savior Jesus Christ.  It's really tough, but we just have to remember that every trial we have is for a purpose that only God knows and understands.

I still really miss my old ward Sada Vidrio :( and the old missionaries who were in my zone....but it's good to have a change.  One thing I love about this ward are the adorable primary kids that give me lots of hugs and kisses- it is the sweetest thing and make me feel loved when I am having a stressful day.  The ward members are lovely....the ward is made up of elderly folks,  young folks, those who live in wealthy private gated areas and those who sell homemade tortillas and bread- and are all family to one another.

This afternoon we are making crepes with the missionaries in our zone and then off to teach at 6pm.....Hasta próxima semana!  cuídense mucho y nunca olviden que Dios les ama.

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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