February 26, 2015

Week 37: Mi Primera Hija

Well here I am with transfer news/ updates!  On Tuesday I found out that I will be training a brand new hermana for these next 12 weeks!! Hermana Flores is 22 years old from Mexico City-- doesn't speak english which I love because I continue to speak epañol 24./7--- it is such a privilege to be able to train as I am the 2nd/ 3rd american sister to train in this mission.  We are here in my new area...MIGUEL ALEMAN... about 20 minutes away from my old area Sada Vidrio.

So I think what I have learned this week is the duty of responsibility and independence: On tuesday I was handed the apartment keys, cell phone, and we arrived at the apartment with all of our luggage only to find notes on our desks of people's addresses and a map haha!  normally one companion stays in the area to teach the new companion the area, people, but since we are BOTH new here I am having to find my around/ the needs of the investigadores AND teach Hermana Flores everything at the same time haha!  Not to mention I have had to call the water heater people to come repair our gas tank so we can have hot showers.....Mom/ Dad you would be proud ;) Man this week has been exhausting, but it is so fun being a trainer.  It's awesome being able to show Hermana Flores the life of a missionary...how we teach, plan, organize all the info-  it's a big responsibility because I am the influence that is helping her instill habits for the rest of her 18 months as a missionary.

Train up a child in the way she should go:  and when she is old, she will not depart from it  Proverbs 22:6

the desperate need for hot showers 
Hermana Flores has such a positive upbeat attitude, with the desire to learn everything.  It's great because every advice, tip I give her, she puts in practice right away.  Every morning we have 1 hour of personal study, 1 hour of companionship study, 1 hour of training, and 1 hour of language study.  Although I am the one training her, I am learning so so much on my end.  I'm grateful for all of the advice I have recieved from my first 2 companions and now I can pass it all down to my hija :) 

Yesterday at church was a bit weird being in a new chapel!  I really miss my old ward....especially the delicious meals everyday....but I know this ward will be great too.  The chapel here is a lot bigger....with pews inside and a nice piano...and in total there are 2 elders and us here in the ward.  There are about 80 active members.  Just like in Sada Vidrio, I am the first american sister to be here in the ward haha so it's fun :)  all the primary kids kept wanting to touch my hair hahaha it was reallly cute. All the people casually stare at my in the street too as they haven't seen an american girl for quite a while.... I also recieved an official ward calling....WARD PIANIST haha!  So I officially play the hymns in sacrament meeting now.  It's interesting to feel/ see the different dynamics in the ward/ area compared to Sada Vidrio.... Miguel Aleman has a lot more younger people/ families, and here in monterrey there is a clear difference between wealth status (Miguel Aleman is one of the wealthiest area in the mission).  My area is pretty sweet-- the biggest, nicest mcdonalds I have ever seen haha, a GIANT walmart, other american stores/ food places.... I'M SET.  And our apartment isn't above a sketchy food shop!  #score

Well we are working super hard here and I know we will see many miracles.
Shout out to the only other blonde sista in the mish!!


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