February 13, 2015

Week 35: Victor Manuel Rodriguez Moreno

These past 8 months I have witnessed many miracles, and yesterday was one of them as we watched Victor be baptized!  Here is a little background on how we found him/ his backstory:

Early December Hermana Mendoza and I decided to pray and fast with a specific desire:  "Padre Celestial, ayúdanos a encontrar alguien que pueda ser un futuro misionero" "Heavenly Father, help us find someone who can be a future missionary".  A few weeks passed and walking down a street we found Victor sitting out front with a friend.  We presented ourselves, and He went in and got his mom, who accepted a visit for the following week.  When we visited, we learned that Victor and RosaMaria live solo- aunts and uncles visiting everyday- but that Victor has never known his father.  The only income they recieve is from the tacos/ tamales that Rosamaria sells, earning enough to only let Victor recieve education up until the 8th grade.  Victor has a passion for futbol, but injured his foot leading him to use a cane every once in a while.  Victor is 18 years old, very obedient to his mom, courteous, and since day 1 has gone to church with us each sundayand done all his "homeworks" we have given him.  Him and His mom have been raised catholic but never went to mass, leading them to believe in God but wanting to really know that God's plan is for each of us.  Victor accepted the first baptismal date, and his mom loves to listen to us but does not have a desire to be baptized.  Yesterday was the first time she went to church which was HUGE so we will continue to pray really hard for her :)

Yesterday's baptismal service was perfect.  Hot summer weather, and the room was filled with members supporting him- seriously so great to see.  Ezekiel Gomez, who baptized Victor, got baptized exactly a year ago on Feb 8th so that was really special as well (Dad....he is the one with the meat business and the house we skyped at for christmas :) )  us and the elders sang "Divina Luz"....Lead Kindly Light.....which was gorgeous, but the best part of the service was listening to the testimony of Hermano Victor.  You could tell he was pretty nervous haha but seriously his testimonio was so genuine and humble.....explaining this grand change and pure joy he has felt thanks to "two angels that came into his life" hahah Hermana Mendoza and I wanted to cry....!  He bore truth of the Book of Mormon, and how he knows he has to share these truths with all those he comes in contact with.  It was pretty incredible sitting there, with my arm around his mom, listening to him, knowing that the fast and prayer we offered in December really had been answered:  Victor is a the future missionary that the Lord placed in our path.

"Remember, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God...Wherefore you are called to cry repentance unto this pepole.  And if it so be that you should labor all your days...and bring save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of the my Father!" DyC 18: 10-15
all the kids my age in the ward, and the bishop
Well...next sunday we get transfer news!  I have been here in Sada Vidrio since July...So it may be my last week here but who knows.  I seriously love the ward members here sooo much...I have had so many incredible memories and really hope I don't get transferred, but we will soon see!
  us with our ward mission leader #thecrew

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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