February 17, 2015

Week 36: Bittersweet

Well Folks, my 30 week reign here in Sada Vidrio is officially coming to a close. Last night I recieved the call that I am being transferred.Tomorrow I will get my new companion and new area! Words can't describe how I am currently feeling.  Words can't describe how many people here have touched my life, how many stories have opened my eyes, and how grateful I am for having served here.  I have had 2 companions teach me qualities that have strengthened me as a person and a missionary, and I have witnessed the personal conversions of 3 people (Dana, Patricio, Victor) and their baptisms.  I have seen weak church members regain their strong testimonies, the ward grow in numbers, more excitement from ward members about missionary work, and more than anything else the humility and gratitude the people have for every single blessing God has given them in life.  When I first arrived here in July, it was a really hard transition for me...completely lost in the language, different lifestyle, but here is where I have learned to lean on the Lord during every moment of loneliness.
I know that everything happens for a reason.  I know that I have learned what I needed to learn here in Sada Vidrio and that now the Lord needs me somewhere else with someone else!  I have completed the first chapter of my mission, and it's really sad to realize that I will probably never see some of these people ever again as you rarely return back to your old areas..... but their stories will always stay with me.
Well Hermana Mendoza and I have had an awesome 4 months together, and although we are completely different, we made up for each other's weaknesses.  hahaha we have had lots of crazy times.  
I am going to miss these people so much

I'm super excited for tomorrow!!! It will also be great because I will get to see a lot of my friends here share their last testimonies before heading home...it's actually super sad when your friends start to return home.  I'll fill you all in on the deets next week.  As hard as it is to accept "change" in life, we need change in order to progress and learn as human beings.  So whatever changes you guys are going through, accept them and learn to enjoy them and put your trust in the Lord that there is always a reason behind everything.

freezing apartment....huddled around our heater every morning to study
and this is a SHOUT OUT TO CHLOE BRAY....I feel your pain gurl.  The natural ombre look wasn't workin' out for me either, so I had to spice things up by going to a hair stylist who has never done blonde high lights before:
a sister missionary's biggest fear is when a man suddenly touches her shoulder hahaha

"the past is behind:  learn from it.
the future is ahead:  prepare for it.
the present is here.  Live in it!"  Pres Monson

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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