February 08, 2015

Tender Mercies (Week 34)

Us at the temple this morning!
So I just want to begin by saying that we have seen the hand of the Lord so much this week!  We have seen lots of tender mercies and answered prayers.

Sundays:  The craziest day of the week.  In the morning we are crazily running around knocking on doors getting our investigadores to go to church with us, and to make us even more stressed out, this past sunday we found Pres. Bird sittin' smack dab in the middle of the congregation as we walked in 5 min late...luckily with 2 investigadores hahaah (the mission presidente makes his casual visits to all the wards).  This past sunday was probably one of the best sundays I have had here....so many members got up to bear powerful testimonies (many of which were about missionary work) and a miracle was witnessed as right in the middle of the meeting in walked a family I had taught back in september by complete surprise!  They weren't really progressing so we stopped teaching them, but now we will see if they are more interested.  I swear...the Lord has his timing for every individual....as missionaries we are solely instruments and He directs us and prepares those in our paths.

This past monday our golden investigador, Victor Manuel, had his baptismal inverview, and he is set to be baptized this sunday!  On monday I will write in my email more of his background story, but he really has been progressing so well and the driving influence has been one crucial aspect:  the support of the members.  Las Familias Gomez and Sanchez have invited him over for dinners, each week he goes to institute class with the other young single adults,  and one couple even bought him his own leather set of scriptures that we are going to give him this sunday.  I am so so greatful for the love and support of the members because this will help Victor stay an active, converted member of this church.
My ZoneThis week we also found a woman who got baptized 4 years ago but is now inactive.  We entered her home, sang a hymn, and with tears in her eyes she told us she has not felt this warm spirit in her home for so long and that she has greatly missed it.  I can't begin to explain how powerful the spirit is each time we teach...the spirit is the teacher and the converter- not us missionaries.  This message really is so true, and even when people reject us, they can't deny the powerful presence of the spirit.
A quote I read this week that I love:

None of us likes to admit when we are drifting off the right course.  Often we try to avoid looking deeply into our souls and confronting our weaknesses, limitations, and fears.  Consequently, when we do examine our lives, we look through the filter of biases, excuses, and stories we tell ourselves inorder to justify unworthy thoughts and actions.  But being able to see ourselves clearly is essential to our spiritual growth and well-being.  If our weaknesses and short comings remain obscured in the shadows, then the redeeming power of the Savior cannot heal them and make them strengths.  Ironically, our blindness toward our human weaknesses will also make us blind to the divine potential that Heavenly Father yearns to nurture within each of us.  Pres Uchtdorf
  Our friend Elder Bautista goes home in a week *missionary air hug* hahaha
Classic Missionary Selfies:

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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