January 19, 2015

Here Comes The Sun.....doo n doo doo….(Week 32)

Well I can honestly say that we had a great week!  The sunshine came out, and the people were a lot more nicer to us haha I definitely felt all of your prayers, thank you!  Not to mention I received my favorite delicious dark ghiradelli chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, and peppermint chocolate kisses from mamariches :)  Hermana Mendoza has been putting the candy wrappers in her journal hahah it's adorable
Our favorite peppermint kisses
 Elder Burnett (Utah)  Elder Connell (San Diego)  Hermana Mendoza (Mexico City)
So It has been almost exactly a year since I opened my mission call in the BYU Dorms, and I just want to express how happy and grateful I am to have made the decision to serve a mission.  During high school I didn't think once about serving, but I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have made and that it has changed my life.  Through all the sweat, tears, stress, joy, peace, and miracles, I have witnessed my own conversion.  Everyday I recieve more and more conviction that this church is true, and how this gospel changes lives.  I have developed a love for the people here in Monterrey, and have been greatly affected by their humility and internal strength.  
The street I live on
Yesterday we attended a baptismo with our investigador, Victor, and it was perfect for him to see as he prepares to be baptized.  It is crazy how much energy and prayers we dedicate to the people we teach....We are so excited for this conversion he is experiencing!
La Comida:  So dad... I finally tried CABRITO....the famous Monterrey goat haha it is sooo tasty!  Seriously you would love it.  I also have a word of caution:  Never put a handful of straight up "chile piquin" in your mouth...one day during lunch us 4 missionaries all put a couple in our mouths (the hermana who gave us the food insisted), and us 3 gringos were dying- literal tears streaming down our face hahaha soooo spicy I wanted to die.  The people here like to laugh at us americans as we nearly die over how spicy the salsas can be....but hey, I have increased my "spice game"- Dad you would be proud :)

Amo ser misionera.  Si, extraño a mi familia y a mis amigos bastante, pero no puedo explicar estas experiencias maravillosas que he experimentado aquí.....y es increíble que estoy hablando español todos los días y puedo entender todo!!! :)


Well my time is up, and it's time to go buy a giant coca light filled with ice next door :) LIFE IS GOOD. LA IGLESIA ES VERDADERA.  LOVE YOU ALL. 

C O N  A M O R
hermana riches

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